Here are some ways that St. Martin’s follows Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors

Our PERSONAL CARE KITS MINISTRY to the Lebanon Soup Kitchen on the last Friday of the even-numbered months has a 20-year history of helping the needy in Lebanon, with support from the parish, from the Diocesan Commission on Poverty and Homelessness, and from the Siltez Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund.  Thanks to all who help us help our community!

    St.M Personal Care Kits

Our LITTLE FREE LIBRARY on Grove Street provides free books for our neighborhood
Little Free Library Dedication

Our MEMORIAL GARDEN provides consecrated interment for ashes as well as a peaceful place with free wifi for our neighborhood. Come see how the landscaping has grown!
BishopHanley in our garden

In Memoriam

Deacon Helen’s 25-year ministry

We happily remember all the years that our Deacon Helen led a twice-weekly LEARNING PERCH READING PROGRAM  helping children in Lebanon. Read more about it here: Learning Perch seeks volunteer readers _ Education _ democratherald
Deacon Helen reads at Learning Perch